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Team of Industrial Engineers

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

How it works

STEP 1: Assess & Design

Every organization and engagement is different. We work with you and/or your team to understand goals, objectives, and desired outcomes. Our coaches then design a program to advance your goals.

STEP 2: Enroll & Kickoff

Once the program is agreed upon and participants are selected, we support organizations in crafting a communication strategy and plan to get all participating team members on board and ready for kickoff.

STEP 3: Coaching & Training

Our custom designed coaching programs could include the following: training (one time topic or series), assessments, team coaching, and/or one-on-one coaching, which is the most powerful and effective way to assist individuals to perform at their best.

STEP 4: Evaluation & Feedback

For training series and coaching programs, each team member tracks progress toward their primary goals. Depending on the engagement designed, monthly or quarterly evaluations with customizable questions provide anonymized trends and insights to organization leaders.

In these monthly or quarterly surveys, employees are encouraged to share candid feedback about their experiences and progress. Only that which the employee chooses to share regarding progress toward goals is shared with the executive sponsor and/or their manager.  

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