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At Capabee, we offer various coaching areas to help you get to where you want to be. No matter which area of coaching you choose, we'll focus on your personal well-being and self-mastery from the inside out. 


Below you will see each specific area we can work with you on, each of which will allow you to find balance in every dimension of your personal life. 


Business Mastery

Let us help you take your business to the next level or revive it to get back in the game. We understand what it takes for a business to succeed. We'll help you set goals, polish your vision, develop your talents, and hold you accountable to your goals - to increase your level of success. Business coaches begin by learning as much about your brand as possible, starting with its value propositions for its target customers, and ending with the challenges it will face.

Career Acceleration

If you want to take your career to the next level, it has to start with you. We assist professionals to break through barriers, create long-lasting momentum and become laser-focused on reaching new heights. We'll work on determiing where you want to go, aligning your actions with direction and strengthening your brand for what you want to be know for. 

Career, Transition & Purpose Coaching

The primary goal of Career and Purpose Coaching is to help you gain self-awareness, clarity, and support in discovering your passion and purpose. We'll uncover and define what you want out of life and explore various paths to get there. Once you know where you want to go, we'll create a plan of action that allows you to get unstuck and into action.  

Confidence Coaching

Our goal with confidence coaching is simple, to help you feel more confident. This starts with the self and then ripples out to other people and situations. As your confidence coach, you will be guided towards the steps necessary to build confidence in your work, life and relationships. These dimensions are key to a happy and confident self.

Communication & Self Expression Coaching

Communication & Self Expression Coaching aims at educating individuals about communication, presentation skills, and self-confidence. We'll help you to understand your body language, image, and how to find your voice. We'll also look at your blind spots that may be hindering your communication. Knowing how to communicate is the first step, then we'll look at what areas need to change. 

Leadership Coaching

Leaders today need to have strong emotional intelligence in order to be successful. According to research done by Daniel Goleman at the New York Times, emotional intelligence is 2x more important for predicting success than skills or IQ. 


Being a leader today requires the ability to manage oneself and to interact effectively with hundreds of others in both stressful and exhilarating circumstances. For these reasons, leaders must spend time in honest self-reflection and increasing their self-awareness. In our work together, we'll focus on your leadership paradigm - your views based on assumptions and beliefs, often unconscious, that influence how you behave, your leadership strengths and blind spots.

Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on lifestyle issues and personal development in the following areas: body, family and parenting, finances, relationships, intimacy, spirituality, money and more. We'll first look at all aspects of you life, as they are all interconnected in some way, and then assess how to balance those areas. Our job is to find the most important areas based on what you want to prioritize and create a plan of how to get into action.


Relationship Coaching

Today's work and life can be challenging because of the complexity of relationships. This includes romantic, marital and friendship relationships. You will be guided on a journey of self-discovery that will help you expand your awareness. You will be able to approach relationships with others and yourself in a more positive and constructive way with a renewed sense of self-awareness. Our support can help you recognize, sustain and manage the challenges you face in your relationships. In addition, it can also help you shift any limiting beliefs or perceptions.


Transformative coaching, or Self-Mastery coaching, refers to a type of coaching that encourages a critical assessment of one's self, others, their situation, and the wider world. It focuses on helping clients become more aware and conscious of their deeper, unconscious assumptions that influence how they view their lives or situations. Transformative coaching has the ultimate goal of creating perspective shifts, which leads to the opening of new possibilities for thinking, feeling and being. 

We''l look through various components in transformation coaching. Including ones self-awareness, their responsiveness to feedback, their level of self-motivation, how well they can manage their thoughts and emotions, what their values are and their willingness to change.

Wellness & Balance Coaching

Wellness coaching is a revolutionary way to improve your self-care. This is a great option for clients who are trying to make significant lifestyle changes or create more boundaries in their lives. The ideal option for those who want to achieve balance in their lives, re-energize and revitalize themselves internally. We'll use various tools and methods, such as the Wellness Wheel, that will assist you in your journey to shift from old and limiting thoughts, behaviours and patterns to a renewed enthusiasm and vitality.


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